Architext provides architectural services for a range of projects:

  • Residential: New houses, additions and alterations including:
    Beach houses on the Coromandel and Northland coasts. Houses in rural Areas. Alterations in all zones including Auckland City Residential one Heritage zone.
  • Commercial: Restaurants, retail etc.
  • Tourist accommodation: Hotels, motels and backpackers.
  • “Change of Use” Breathing life into older structures by altering their use to allow for economic activities that help preserve our older buildings.

  • Schools: Currently engaged in new work and refurbishment work for schools.
    Interested in the concept “21st century learning Environments”and providing facilities for “personalised learning” for all learners.

  • Sustainability: The practice is committed to building sustainable buildings. Buildings that are energy efficient, make best use of their environments, minimise wastage, and non toxic buildings that are healthy to live and work in.

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